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Skilled Assistance With Probate, Estate And Trust Administration

If you’re named the personal representative or trustee of a loved one’s estate or trust, you have a lot of duties that may leave you feeling overwhelmed. That is normal. The process of administering an estate or trust after a loved one has died is complicated and full of potential legal pitfalls.

At the Law Office of Stuart E. Goldberg, P.L., I have over 35 years of experience handling probate administration in North Florida. I can guide you through every step, even in intestate estates. I aim to make the process as straightforward as possible while fulfilling your loved one’s wishes.

I Can Handle Every Step Of The Administration Process

When a loved one dies, their assets go through the probate process, unless through planning. However, they can usually avoid the probate process by establishing a living trust.

The probate process includes gathering all the properties, bank accounts and other holdings and distributing them to debtors and the person’s beneficiaries. Any trusts created before the loved one’s death or created by the loved one’s will must be administered according to their wishes, adding another level of responsibility.

My team and I at the Law Office of Stuart E. Goldberg, P.L., are well-versed in the probate process and trust administration. As a seasoned probate lawyer, I can handle as much or as little as you need. That includes:

  • Guiding personal representatives and trustees through their responsibilities
  • Meeting with family members
  • Locating and inventorying assets
  • Valuing assets and arranging for necessary appraisals
  • Arranging for management of assets pending distribution
  • Preparation of required accountings
  • Ascertaining debts and liabilities and setting for their satisfaction
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Dealing with the IRS
  • Fulfilling all requirements for notices to creditors, beneficiaries and filings with the probate court
  • Guiding the distribution process, including distributions to beneficiaries, including charitable beneficiaries
  • Representation in any will contests
  • Ancillary probate
  • Closing the estate and securing appropriate discharges for personal representatives and trustees

You deserve to have peace of mind. And with my guidance, I can help you seek it.

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Whether you need help with part or all of the probate, need to administer a trust or wish to make plans in advance, I invite you to schedule an initial consultation with my team and me by calling 850-270-0411 or emailing me. From my office in Tallahassee, I serve the needs of people like you throughout North Florida.